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Getting Started

In order to promote the Simple Bodybuilding Nutrition system you will need to first set up a clickbank account. Clickbank is the 3rd party company that handles the processing of our credit card transactions as well as the affiliate program tracking. (All commission checks are mailed out directly from clickbank). 

To set up your clickbank account go here

After you've set up your clickbank account, then you're ready to start promoting the e-book through your special affiliate hoplinks. When someone purchases after coming through your link, you receive 75% commission on each sale.

Here is how to correctly make your hoplink for Simple Bodybuilding Nutrition:

The current default link is... 

So now, all you have to do is insert
YOUR clickbank affiliate nickname in the place where the x's are located.

For example, if your affiliate nickname is skipl (note: use YOUR nickname, this is just an example!), then the hoplink would look like this: 

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We look forward to working with you!

- Skip LaCour & Brian Cannone

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